Update: August 19th

Update: August 19th

Construction Update...

It has been a busy summer at Emily Carr as the school has been undergoing the renovations to accommodate Full Day Kindergarten.  Although progress may appear to be slow, construction is on schedule and due to be completed mid November. A temporary kindergarten fenced-in play area will be erected prior to the first day of school.  Students in grades 1 - 8 will be able to utilize the blacktop, hill/field and soccer field for recesses.

During the construction, some of our classes will be relocated to holding classrooms.  Our kindergarten classes will be housed indoors while some of our grade two classes and our specialty class, along with our grade three classes, will be located in the portables.  When construction is completed, the grade two classes and specialty class will return indoors to rooms 116, 124 and 144.

The continuing renovations will result in construction work going on during the school day.  We want to assure you the construction process is highly regulated and adheres to all standards of safety for our students, staff and visitors.  Nutrition breaks will run as scheduled.  Construction work on the school building may continue inside the fenced off construction zone, however, there will not be any machinery used at this time.  

We thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation as the construction work is completed.  We will continue to update you with changes to our routines due to construction as needed.

Update: June 27th

Last Day of School - Reminder School Ends at 1:05pm

Each school year it is natural to anticipate changes to school staff.  Change promotes professional growth and in some cases provides time to fulfill personal and family needs.  We wish the very best to following staff who will not be with us in September and thank them for their many significant contributions to the growth and development of students in our school:

Ms. Leong - one year leave to finish teacher's college
Ms. Chow - moving to Irma Coulson
Ms. Brown - moving to Tom Thomson
Mrs. Starzynski - temporary appointment as Math Coach for our school board
Ms. Herrndorf - beginning her permanent career at Falgarwood
Ms. Jensen - beginning her permanent career at Pilgrim Wood
Mrs. Harper - moving to Maplehurst
Ms. Tremblay - beginning her permanent career at Eastview
Ms. Lafferty - moving to Gary Allan (Halton Hills)
Miss Ruplen, Mrs. Kim, Mrs. Sabourin, Mr. Price, Ms. Joudrie, Ms. Browne, Ms. Dean - continuing as supply teachers for our school board
Mrs. Adey - continuing as a supply secretary for our school board
Mrs. McQueen, Mme Akemann, and Ms. V (Alejandre) - enjoying time with their babies
Congratulations to Mrs. Lazerte who has been appointed Vice Principal at Stewarttown Public School.  
Congratulations to Mr. Spruin on his appointment to Principal at Kilbride Public School.

We wish all these wonderful people the very best in their new journeys!

As we say goodbye to some, we extend a warm Emily Carr welcome to the following staff:

Mrs. Conn - welcome back to your secretarial position
Mrs. Allmark and Mrs. Heinmiller - welcome back from your maternity leaves
Mr. Dykstra - welcome back from your parental leave
Ms. Agnew, Ms. Walls, Ms. Hudson, Mr. Kennedy, Mrs. Liddle, Mlle Matecki, Ms. Vickery, Ms. Graham, Ms. Lepine - welcome to your new teaching positions
Ms. Jacome, Ms. Khan, Ms. Curan, Ms. Hamilton, Ms. Valickis, Ms. Maher, Ms. Wadhwa - welcome to your new DECE positions
Ms. Maimot, Ms. Hunt, Ms. Smeets - welcome to your new EA roles
Mrs. Laman - welcome to Emily Carr as Vice-Principal

Thank you to all the staff, students and parents for making this another great year at Emily Carr!!

Update: June 25th

Emily Carr News

We would like to offer a big CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Spruin who has been appointed Principal at Kilbride Public School.  Although we will miss Mr. Spruin, we wish him much success in his new role.

A warm welcome is extended to Ms. Laman who will become our new Vice-Principal in September.  Ms. Laman joins us from another school board and we look forward to her becoming part of our Emily Carr community.  

Construction Has Started

The construction company has started digging up part of the blacktop to start laying the foundation for the new Kindergarten classrooms.  We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding this week.

Update: June 24th

Construction Update

The fence has now been erected at the back of the property to begin construction.  Kindergarten Parents:  Morning drop off will now be the same as rainy day drop offs.  Please bring your child to the northeast doors after 8am and the Kindie students will be supervised indoors on the benches by staff until the start of first period as they kindie pen is now out of bounds.

All other students will line up at the back doors as normal.

Update: June 23rd

Construction Update

The construction company will begin setting up fencing Tuesday on our blacktop.  This should have minimal impact to our normal routine tomorrow.

Update: June 23rd

Primary Classes & Reorganization

Please click on the two documents under Community Resources entitled 'Reorganization' and 'Primary Q&A' to learn more about School Board and Ministry guidelines around primary classes and school re-organizations.

Update: June 21st

Construction Update

We have been informed that construction for the four new Kindergarten classes will begin the first week of July.  In preparation for this, the construction company will begin setting up fencing and staging area on our blacktop as early as Monday.  We will work closely with the contractor to ensure that there is minimal disruption to students for the last week of school.  If there will need to be any changes to routines once the staging area is erected, we will communicate that to the community.

Please check the website frequently during the last week of school.

Thank you.

Update: June 13th

Full-Day Kindergarten Update

Dear Emily Carr Parents,

We are excited to begin Full Day Kindergarten at Emily Carr in September 2014.  In preparation, an addition of four new kindergarten classrooms will be built onto the north-east side of our building.  There is a lot of excitement amongst our teachers and designated early childhood educators as they begin to meet and discuss plans for the upcoming year.

Start of construction has been delayed, therefore we do not anticipate the addition being fully completed for the first day of school.  All kindergarten students will be learning in a classroom on the first floor of our building until the rooms are ready.  Given our current space within the existing school structure, as well as six portables on site, we will be able accommodate all students in classrooms/portables until construction is completed.  This will mean some students will begin in one classroom in September and then move to another classroom at a later date within the school year.

Throughout the construction, updates will be posted on the school website.  We look forward to sharing information with you as it becomes available.  Please check our website regularly.

Update: June 3rd

Cashless Schools (Online Purchases)

School-related and extracurricular costs (such as field trips, pizza, yearbook purchases) can be paid through the internet.  Online Payments are fast, convenient and secure.  Please register your child(ren) as soon as possible.  For further information, please see the document under Community Resources to the right


You can download / view the June calendar on the right sidebar

Update: May 29th

Transportation News

Please see below.  This only effects High School students and students entering French Immersion

At the May 7, 2014 Board meeting, Halton District School Board Trustees approved the following two changes to the HDSB Transportation Policy. Both changes will take effect on September 2, 2014.

  • A decrease from 4.0 km to 3.2 km in the home to school transportation eligibility distance requirement for secondary students.
  • A decrease from 1.6 km to 800 metres in the distance-to-bus-stop requirement for eligible elementary French Immersion students.
What does this mean for students in our school?

This means that:

  • students in our school who reside farther than 3.2 km from their designated secondary school, based on their primary address, will now be eligible for transportation.
(Distance is calculated by Halton Student Transportation Services (HSTS), through Geographic Information System (GIS) software. For more information on transportation eligibility and how distance is determined please refer to HSTS Operating Procedure HS-1-002 – Transportation Eligibility)

  • additional bus stops may be established in order to accommodate eligible elementary French Immersion students.
Please note that student transportation eligibility information will be available as of Monday, June 2, 2014. Simply visit: Haltonbus.ca and click on ‘Am I Eligible for Transportation?’ to find out if your child will be eligible for transportation to their designated secondary school

Student transportation schedules and bus stop information for the 2014-2015 school year will be available as of August 18, 2014 at Haltonbus.ca. Parents are reminded they will need their child’s Ontario Education Number (OEN) to access the secure parent portal.

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