Supervision begins at 8:00am every morning and ends at 8:15am.  We encourage parents to start dropping off their children closer to 8:00am in order to avoid the heavy parking lot congestion that we are finding between 8:10 and 8:15am.  Just to clarify, there is a five minute warning bell at 8:10am.  By 8:15am all students should be inside and doors will be locked at 8:20am.  If you are past 8:20am you must drop your child off at the front doors.  Please be considerate of each other in the parking lot, using your signals and merging carefully in and out of the parking lot.  As always, thank you to those families that choose to walk or bike to school as it really helps with our parking lot congestion.  

Welcome Night BBQ

Emily Carr Public School
Welcome Night
BBQ Dinner & Meet the Teacher Evening
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
BBQ from 5:45- 7:15pm (Rain or Shine)
Meet the Teacher – 6:00-7:45pm
Intermediate Sessions (in the gym)
Session 1 6:15-6:45pm or
Session 2 7:00-7:30pm

BBQ Dinner
Enjoy a delicious meal as we celebrate the beginning of the 2014/15 school year!  This year the BBQ is brought to us by Scooters Catering.  Each meal includes one grilled item, a bag of chips and a drink for $7.00 (tax included).  The grilled items available include all beef burgers, vegetarian burgers, hotdogs (halal or all beef), and sausages.  Pre-ordering food is not required all sales will be done at the event .   Due to construction parking, will be at a minimum so we suggest families try to walk or bike.  

Meet the Teacher
A warm welcome to our Emily Carr families!  This is an opportunity to visit your child’s classroom, meet the teacher and learn more about the curriculum.  We look forward to seeing you!  Families with an intermediate student can join one of the two sessions in the gym.  
We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, October 8th.

Our Newcomer Welcome is Thursday, September 18th at 8:30am in our school library.  Please come to learn more about what is offered for your child at our school, learn about volunteer opportunities and have your questions answered.  The Emily Carr Settlement Worker will be available to provide information on free programs and services in the community for families new to the Halton Region.  We look forward to meeting you - all are welcome to attend.

Update: September 10th

Bike racks:

Due to construction we have lost half of our bike racks from the East side of the school.  When construction is complete the bike racks will be re-installed.  In the meantime, we are still encouraging students to bike to school but we suggest that you lock bikes up along the fence line on the West side when the bike rack is full.

Thank you for your continued patience during construction.

Update: September 5th

Sesame Allergy Information Update:

Thank you for all your questions regarding how to support our students with sesame allergies.  We have learned that many labels have the wording "may contain sesame" because sesame items are made in the same factory.   

To assist with making food choices for school, we suggest the following:

1)  Avoid sending in food items that you know are made from sesame; e.g. sesame snap bars, sesame cookies, hummus, etc.  Hummus is made from tahini (sesame seed paste) and is often a trigger for severe reactions, even when not ingested.

2)  Avoid sending in products that have been sprinkled or baked with sesame; e.g. seeded breads, sesame bagels, seeded crackers, etc.

3) Avoid preparing foods with sesame or sesame oil for example, flavoured rice, noodle dishes, stews, etc.  

We know that "may contain" items can cause confusion, therefore, using the guidelines above and viewing any information available for various allergies can be helpful.  The two best strategies to reduce possible allergy reactions are to remind children to not share snacks or lunches or bring in food items to share, as well as to teach children proper hand washing techniques.

Thank you again for all your support, reading food labels and making great food choices for your children and the children of others.

Update: September 5th

Construction Update.

The project schedule and budget are running tight, however, we are excited to hear that the four room addition is expected to be completed by the end of November.  Once the roof arrives in the next couple of weeks, work will begin indoors.    

During black out periods (arrivals, recesses and dismissal), vehicular movement to and from the site (i.e. delivery trucks) will not take place.  Knowing that the school property and adjacent park are utilized by the community outside school hours, a full time flag person is on site to escort vehicle movement at all other times.  The contractor is experienced in working in an occupied school environment and is taking every reasonable precaution regarding student safety.  The site is fully protected with a barrier fence, allowing work to continue within the contained area throughout the day.  The contractor ensures that all construction work during and outside school hours adheres to the Ontario Health and Safety Act as it relates to regulations for construction.

Mrs. Bate and Mrs. Laman will be attending the next scheduled on-site meeting in 2 weeks.  Any new information provided at that time will be shared with the community.  

Thank you again for all your support and understanding during this time.    


Cindy Bate
Emily Carr Public School

Construction Update:

The kindergarten construction is well underway on schedule.  We are looking forward to having the roof installed soon!  Thank you for your patience during the construction.

Our parking lot is running smoothly with the new routines.  Thank you for your support in keeping student's safety first.  

Construction Update:  

The construction of our new kindergarten section is well underway and on schedule.  We are looking forward to the roof being installed sometime soon!  Thank you for your continued patience during construction.

The parking lot is running very smoothly with our new parking lot routines. Thank you for your support in keeping student safety first.  

Update: August 27th

Welcome Back! Welcome back to another year at Emily Carr!  To our new families, we are pleased that you have joined our school and look forward to getting to know your children this year.  For our returning families we look forward to seeing you again on Tuesday, September 2nd.  This website will be updated frequently with school news and information so please check back regularly.

Entry and exit times for this school year will remain the same.  Please click the link entitled ‘School Hours’ at the top for more details.  Supervision on the schoolyard begins at 8:00am and students should not arrive before this time.  Period 1 begins promptly at 8:15am.  Students are dismissed at 2:35pm and asked to go directly home.  Supervision on the playground ends at 2:50pm.

Parking Lot (during construction and moving forward)... Here at Emily Carr we value an active and healthy school.  One way to do this is by encouraging our students who live within walking distance to walk to school.  Our parking lot is a busy and congested place and student safety is a priority at Emily Carr. Please help us with keeping the parking lots running smoothly throughout the school year, especially during this time of construction.  

New Parking Lot Routines: If you choose to drive your child(ren) to school, we will endeavour to support families while keeping the flow of traffic moving through the East parking lot.  An adult will be present at 8:00am to assist our kindergarten students and their siblings with exiting cars; i.e. parents will pull up along the curb near Door #2, the adult will open the car door, the child(ren) will exit the car and the parent will drive away.  Kindergarten students will enter Door #2 where they will be greeted by an Early Childhood Educator.  The kindergarten students will then exit the back door leading directly into the kindergarten fenced in area.  Only kindergarten students will be entering Door #2. Any siblings in Grades 1-8 who exit a vehicle in the east parking lot will follow the sidewalk along the east side of building towards the front of the school, cross the front and then continue to follow the sidewalk along the west parking lot onto the blacktop area.   In addition, the curbside area can no longer be utilized for parking/stopping as it creates most of the congestion.  If you wish to park or personally escort your child to the kindergarten or blacktop area, you must utilize a marked parking spot.

The West parking lot is a smaller parking lot which by design creates congestion.  If you choose to utilize this parking lot for drop off, please have your child(ren) exit quickly along the curbside and then progress safely and immediately through the driveway.  An adult will be available to support families while keeping the flow of traffic moving.

Please keep in mind the safety of our many students as you are using the drop off areas. We appreciate the continued support and again ask that if you live within walking distance you consider walking to school to reduce the congestion.  As well, if there are any parents who have 15 minutes in the morning to help with these parking lot procedures, please contact Judi Laman (VP) or Cindy Bate (P) at the office.

Forms: The best ways to stay in touch with us are through email and our school website http://ecs.hdsb.ca. As you complete the Student Verification Forms that you will receive the first week of school, please make sure that the email address is one you would like us to use to send email news information prompts or for potential important updates and emergency closures.

At the end of the day, we also encourage having students walk home if they live close by.  If you are picking your child, please park in a designated parking spot if at all possible or choose a spot off site to meet your child.

Class Lists for the new school year will be posted this Friday afternoon in the front school window.  You will be required to bring your student's OEN number (located on the top of the report card) to determine the class your child will be in (we are not allowed to post names for privacy concerns, nor are we allowed to post the classlists with OEN numbers online).  On the first day of school all teachers will be outside at the back of the school with nametags and class lists to greet the students.

Shopping for School Supplies?  Please click the links to the right for lists of suggested school supplies.

Our Newcomer & Volunteer Welcome is on Thursday, September 18th at 8:30 am in the library (newcomers) and the staff room (volunteers).  Are you new to the school or possibly interested in volunteering to help impact the success of the school?  This is a great chance to meet other parents and there is no commitment required.  Join us for food, refreshments and conversation!

Attention all new JK Parents.  Our School Council will be hosting a social event called Coffee and Kleenex.  Sending a child to school for the first time is a huge milestone.  After you drop off your new JK or SK student for the first time, please join us in the school staff room on September 8th at 8:20 am to meet other parents and learn more about the school.

Volunteer Opportunities!  We are currently looking for someone to manage the Emergency Snack Program.  This will involve managing the food and ensuring that there are volunteers scheduled.  If interested, please contact Jen Howse at emilycarrvolunteer@hotmail.com.

Our first School Council meeting is scheduled for September 22nd at 7:00pm in the library.  School Council is an excellent opportunity to become more involved in the school and meet fellow parents.  Please join us!

Update: August 19th

Update: August 19th

Construction Update...

It has been a busy summer at Emily Carr as the school has been undergoing the renovations to accommodate Full Day Kindergarten.  Although progress may appear to be slow, construction is on schedule and due to be completed mid November. A temporary kindergarten fenced-in play area will be erected prior to the first day of school.  Students in grades 1 - 8 will be able to utilize the blacktop, hill/field and soccer field for recesses.

During the construction, some of our classes will be relocated to holding classrooms.  Our kindergarten classes will be housed indoors while some of our grade two classes and our specialty class, along with our grade three classes, will be located in the portables.  When construction is completed, the grade two classes and specialty class will return indoors to rooms 116, 124 and 144.

The continuing renovations will result in construction work going on during the school day.  We want to assure you the construction process is highly regulated and adheres to all standards of safety for our students, staff and visitors.  Nutrition breaks will run as scheduled.  Construction work on the school building may continue inside the fenced off construction zone, however, there will not be any machinery used at this time.  

We thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation as the construction work is completed.  We will continue to update you with changes to our routines due to construction as needed.

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