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Below is the link for the November 2015 Emily Carr P.S. Newsletter which provides important information and dates.

Popcorn is coming!
December 3rd, 2015 marks our first "Crazy Kernals Thursdays"! Grade 8 students will be selling Kernals popcorn as a grad fundraiser and are hoping that your child will support them. Popcorn will be sold every other Thursday starting December 3rd.  To help manage the money and popcorn orders, money will be due in the Wednesday the week before for students from Kindergarten to Grade 5 while Grades 6-8 will line up the day of the sale at first break.   Students will have the opportunity to purchase individual bags of either White Cheddar, Salt & Vinegar or Buttersalt flavoured popcorn for only two dollars a bag.  Please send your child with small bills, change, or pay online using the cashless system.  First pre-order is due November 25th!

The milk program started on Monday November 16th.  The first session will run until February 26th.  The program runs successfully with the help of 2 parent volunteers each day.  We are currently short of parent volunteers for Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:45 - 10:45 am.   If you are available either of these days and would be able to spare 1 hour of your morning, please contact Fatima at nadeem_fatima@hotmail.com or call the office.

THE LUNCH LADY Lunch Program will be starting at Emily Carr on Wednesday, December 2, 2015
 and will be offered every Wednesday and Thursday.  Order forms will be sent out shortly for December to March.  Direct online ordering with The Lunch Lady will be available and is preferred.

Why Dreambox?

This is a great, short video to show why Halton School Board supports using Dreambox.  

Top 10 Reasons for Students to Walk, Roll and Ride to School:
• Take a step in the right direction – get some exercise and warm up your brain to learn
• Get outdoors – nature makes you nicer, and more creative too!
• Do better in school – students who walk to school do better on tests
• Breathe easy – more walkers/riders, less cars means better air quality for the whole community
• Take back the streets - more walkers means reduced, slower and safer traffic
• Google maps?  Forget it, know where you are going - get to know your neighbourhood – students who know how to get to school, and other places, have less stress
• Independence – Learn how to get around – it’s a skill that will last a lifetime
• Show off your personality with outdoor wear
• Influence your community - See a problem? Got a solution? Pass it along!  
• Demand a sustainable future – good air and good places to live, learn and work.

Lifetouch Photo Retake Day for Emily Carr P.S.

Will be held on Monday, November 16 in the Library.

Only for students who require a new photograph.

Students should bring their proof to the camera for the retake.  

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