Construction Update...

Do to unforeseen circumstances the timeline for completion of the renovation has been extended.  Based on updated information from the construction company and school board, it looks as though we will be moving into our new classrooms just before the winter break.  

The Our Kids Network Bullying Prevention Task Force, in partnership with the Halton Multicultural Council and the Halton District School Board, is looking to hear from parents about bullying.  Information regarding resources for help and support of bullying issues both inside and outside of school, and coping with all forms of bullying will be discussed.

All parents/caregivers are invited to attend this session, whether your child has experienced bullying or not.  
Please join us Thursday, November 27 from 1:00-2:30pm at Emily Carr.

RSVP to Lisa Hassall via email: hassalll@hdsb.ca by November 24th.  We hope to see you there!


School-related and extracurricular costs (such as field trips, pizza, milk, donations) can be paid through the internet.  No need to send cash/cheques to the school.

Online Payments are
Fast            Convenient          Secure

Come see what it’s all about


We invite you to join us at Captain R. Wilson Public School's Holiday Marketplace on Tuesday, December 2 from 5-8pm. Support our community and shop local vendors, crafters and artisans! Bring the kids to meet Santa Claus!

We are really pleased to have Dr. Maggie Mamen speaking to Halton parents/staff on November 18th.  We have had her speak before and she is excellent..  From my perspective, "resiliency" is one of the most important things we can teach our kids and it is one of the things that kids and parents are struggling to achieve in recent years.  

Check out the Student Backpack link for more details!


Halloween is fast approaching! On Friday, October 31st we will hold our Annual Halloween Parade.  Students are welcome to wear their costumes, wear black and orange or come as they are. The Halloween parade will take place at 8:45 am, after attendance, O'Canada and announcements.

This year students in grades K-5 will be invited to participate in the parade.  The older students in grades 6-8 will be in the gym while the parade occurs, being entertained by the band.

PLAN A: If we have nice weather, we will have the students parade both inside and out.  Parents are welcome to join us on the blacktop area to observe the children parading.

PLAN B: If the weather is not suitable, we will have the students parade inside.  Parents are welcome to join us in the school (in the hallways).  We are asking that due to sheer volume of people that you leave strollers at home, if at all possible.  We appreciate your flexibility in this event.  

Students in all grades may dress up, wear black and orange or come as they are.  After the parade all students will remove costumes.  Please ensure your child is wearing appropriate clothing underneath their costume for a quick change.  Anyone who will not participate due to religious reasons, will have a quiet activity in the conference room.



On Tuesday, October 28th from 7-8pm there is a Parent Information Session for DreamBox at White Oaks Secondary School.  All of our Emily Carr students from Grade 1-6 are excited to be using Dreambox in their classrooms so this is the perfect opportunity for parents to support their children in Math at home.  Check out the Student Backpack for more information on this session.  

Student Backpack

Check out our new  link on our school website.  It is called Student Backpack and it contains information from various sources that may be of interest to you.  

This is a reminder about the EC Thanksgiving Food Drive.  Wednesday night's Open House is a great opportunity to bring along canned goods or make a donation for the Halton Fresh Food Fund.  Collections will be received near the front foyer.  

Construction Update...

Over the next few days we will notice an increase in supplies being delivered to the construction site (e.g. cement).  We are excited to learn that the site is preparing for the floor to be poured Wednesday and the roof to be installed next week.  

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