Innovative math instruction featured in new videos Second of three-part video series examines how elementary and secondary classrooms engage in mathematics

posted Jun 22, 2017, 4:50 AM by Judith-Lynn Laman

NEWS RELEASE – June 20, 2017 


The Halton District School is proud to announce the release of the second part of its on-going video series examining math learning in schools. Recognizing the importance of the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Renewed Math Strategy, the Halton District School Board has embarked on the production of a three-part video series designed to show how elementary and secondary students are being taught and engaged in math instruction.


The latest video, Beyond The Numbers: Inside Halton elementary and secondary classrooms, is the second video in a series showing math instruction in action in elementary and secondary classrooms and the innovative teaching taking place. The third and final video, to be released at the end of September 2017, will provide supports, resources, practical ideas and activities for parents and guardians to help them assist their children with math teaching outside of the classroom. The first video explained the overall math strategy and explained the vision and math goals in Halton.


“We are taking you inside some of our classrooms, to better understand just what math instruction looks and feels like in the 21st century,” said Julie Hunt-Gibbons, Superintendent of Education (Secondary Program). “Math classrooms don’t necessarily look or even function like they did in years past. Students use diagrams and work with visual and physical models to build their own mathematical understanding.”


“Today’s Math classes are active places where students are talking, working collaboratively and communicating their thinking,” said Tina Salmini, Superintendent of Education (Elementary Program). “Classroom instruction includes a balance of skills development and problem-solving, with teachers guiding the learning, asking questions and helping students consolidate their understanding.”


The Ministry of Education has introduced an Early Years to Grade 12 renewed Math strategy to support the provincial goal of having at least 75% of elementary students achieve a level 3 or higher on provincial assessments in math. This strategy is multifaceted and data driven, mobilizing the latest research and lessons learned regarding effective math learning, teaching and assessment. 




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