Medications at School

posted Nov 9, 2017, 11:42 AM by Judith-Lynn Laman

Any medication brought to school (including medication available over the counter) must be formally prescribed by a regulated health care professional.

Students are not allowed to carry any type of medication or keep medication with them (except for epi-pens and inhalers). All medications must be stored in the school office in a locked cupboard.

Should your student require medication, one or both of the following forms must be completed and signed by both a parent/guardian and the regulated health care provider:

  • ‘Authorization of Self-Administration of Prescribed Medication by Student’ (e.g. epi-pen or reliever inhaler)

  • ‘Request for School Personnel to Administer Prescribed Medication’ (e.g. epi-pen, antibiotics or other medication). If your child has been prescribed an antibiotic and needs school personnel to support the administration of the medication, we now require the completed ‘Request for School Personnel to Administer Prescribed Medication’ form before we can do so.

These forms are attached for your convenience. Please print and take the form(s) to any medical appointment where your child may be prescribed medication to be taken at school.