FDK at Emily Carr PS

Kindergarten at a glance:

  • On average, 30 students per class

  • Year One (JK) and Year Two (SK) students in the same class

  • 2 adults – teacher and Early Childhood Educator (ECE)

How to get your remaining information?

***UPDATED September 1st, 2020***

We are in the process of updating our opening day procedures for all grade levels. We will communicate our opening day process to Kindergarten families via School Messenger prior to the first day of school.

First Days of School

All students will be starting on the first day of school which is Monday, September 14th. During the first few weeks of school, educators will be supporting students to develop the following life skills:

  • Belonging

  • Contribution

  • Attachment

  • Collaboration

  • Adaptability

  • Self-Regulation


Independence is encouraged and important, even at this young age. To help your child be independent and feel confident, please:

  • Use Velcro running shoes

  • Practice zippers and buttons on clothing and backpacks

  • Independent washroom use is essential prior to the start of school

  • Provide a backpack that sits on your child’s shoulder and is big enough to pack a Zippy/Communication bag, lunch kit(s) and large library book. Please do not send backpacks with wheels.

Snack and Lunch Breaks

Each day there will be a snack and lunch break which also includes time for outdoor play. What does that mean for you?

  • Make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast

  • Label all containers with your child’s name

  • Read food labels to ensure products are nut free

  • Pack enough food for two small nutritious meals

While eating, either teachers or paid adults will supervise the students. If you are interested in becoming a paid lunchroom supervisor, please contact the office for an application package.


If your child is going to be taking the bus, information will be sent to you by mail. At the end of the first day, your child will be coming home with a yellow tag attached to their backpack. Please make sure to leave this tag on your child’s backpack.

If you are dropping your child off by car you have two options:

  • Park your car in a designated parking spot and walk your child to the kindergarten fenced area

  • Use the drop off loop to drop your child off and pass them off to an educator supervisor wearing a orange/yellow vest who will then walk them to the kindergarten fenced area


For more information to safely drop off students at school please visit our Parking Lot Information Page

Teaching Strategies:

  • Whole group instruction/reflection

  • Small group inquiry-based interactions

  • Small group explicit instruction/reflection

  • Individual inquiry-based interactions

  • Individual explicit instruction/reflection

  • Child-led exploration and reflection (individual/small group/whole group)


“Informally,” to keep you informed as to what is going on in our classroom and how your child is progressing, communication is also done through:

  • Mutually arranged interviews

  • Notes in their Zippy/Communication Bag

  • Phone calls to discuss progress or concerns

  • Student portfolios

  • Class websites